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Machine SaleCountry: India
State: Tamil Nadu
City: Salem
[6/21, 16:10] Shankar Anbalagan: LOOM DETAILS: QUANTITY: 16 Nos. MODEL: PICANOL OLYMPICA AIRJET LOOM WORKING WIDTH: 190 cm YEAR OF MAKE: 2005 SUMO MOTOR MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLLED KEY BOARD DISPLAY SHEDDING: CAM BOX WEFT COLOURS: TWO ACCUMULATORS: TWO ELECTRONIC LET OFF & TAKE UP BACK REST: DOUBLE ROLLS EASING MOTION ELECTRONIC TAKE UP FILLING DETECTORS: TWO - IN FRONT OF REED ELECTRICAL FILLING CUTTERS ROTARY SPLIT MOTION (Left & Right) ACCESSORIES PER LOOM: 1) Weaver Beam Dia 914 mm - 1.5 Nos. 2) Cloth Roll - 1.5 Nos. 3) Heald Frame - 6 Nos. 4) Healds - 5000 Nos 5) Droppers - 5000 Nos. 6) War Bars - 6 Nos. LOOMS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION WORKING ON YARN DYED FABRICS [6/21, 16:10] Shankar Anbalagan: These looms are well maintained and working on yarn dyed shirting fabrics at 85% Shed Efficiency on 650 RPM. Looms can work upto 750 rpm on grey fabrics. These 22-06-2018
Property SaleCountry: India
State: Karnataka
City: Hubballi-Dharwad
This is a auction to be done.18-05-2018
Any Other SaleCountry: India
State: Karnataka
City: Hubli
Property SaleCountry: United States of America
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